the fire in her eyes, burning Like the veil of sin and shame, Will never be draped over them, By misfortunes and passion. She departed from my sight, And entered my thought, The shine ran out but ignited a spark, It melted me like winter, Giving in to spring. I fell in love with […]

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The Murky Blot(s)!

(1) Ripe fruit to taste, Nectar of milkweed, In the first hush of morning, She translates to me,The strangest dream We were the wisps of smoke, coming out of old man’s pipe, Where all the worlds were forming (2) Wild tresses tumbling down, tangled river to a troubled sea, I am not myself, my dear! […]

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RIP snape!

“When i’m 80 years old and sitting in my rocking chair. I’ll be reading harry potter. And my family will say to me, ‘after all this time’ And i’ll say, ‘ALWAYS’. RIP Alan Rickman 1946- always! Well, it may have escaped ur notice but life isn’t fair.

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A story!

In the realm of wit Lies the staggering bit, Too easy to be heard Disarming the senses, The woods, the streams, the thick trees all Tickle in intrigue to guise the hill Which they say is home to unknown A story burried that stumbles and shreiks in pain The stars shine brighter The water holds […]

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Aitzaz Hasan

Aitzaz Hasan, -the boy who lived! “My son made his mother cry, but saved hundreds of mothers from crying for their children”- Mujahid Ali, father of Aitzaz Hassan. Yesterday, I was watching a bomb prank video, featuring an Arab man throwing bombs at people. Its was kinda funny . People were running for their lives. […]

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I heard somewhere that a good start is half the battle so whenever i sit down to write, i try to make a fancy start. Find some inappropriate words and inculcate them to show that i’m a literary genius, which i certainly am, the latter.No offence haha.Why would i do that. Sometimes you’ve to fake […]

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A Game of Things

There are two ‘things’ in this thing called earth. Namely nothing and everything! Consequently we have nothing people and everything people. The nothing people who seem to have nothing are the ones who have something that is better than anything even everything. The everything people, having everything still have nothing which has that something. They […]

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How to be Happy!

I wanted to write something. Its 2:00 am and everybody’s asleep except a dog who’s having a barking competition with the neighbour’s dog. He seems pretty happy just by the intensity of his barks or maybe he’s winning it. The reason i’m still awake as I’ve told earlier is that i wanted to write something. […]

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Rubeus hagrid’s theory

It has always been a issue between potterheads that what was hagrid’s patronous. Luckily J.K rowling revelaed for us what has been a myth of the century (just kidding).   Rowling, in an interview came across the very question. According to her, patronous is one of the most powerful defence spell. Only a powerful wizard is […]

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