How to be Happy!

I wanted to write something. Its 2:00 am and everybody’s asleep except a dog who’s having a barking competition with the neighbor’s dog. He seems pretty happy just by the intensity of his barks or maybe he’s winning it. The reason i’m still awake as I’ve told earlier is that i wanted to write something. It makes me happy. This diary unlike other diaries keeps my secrets safe. I’ve trained it this way in case you are wondering. hey wait! what this article is about? happiness, yes happiness =)

What is this thing called ‘happiness’ and why people become sad if they can’t find it? To be happy you don’t need happiness but in the mentioned phrase ‘to be happy’ before you rush to ‘happy’ you first got ‘To be’.

We as human being always want to find happiness and in case we don’t find it, it makes us sad. We make plans and goals and set targets and say if this and that would be done,  ‘i shall be happy’ but does that moment arrive actually? nope its does not! because we’re engaged in another happiness oriented mission to make us happy.

Happiness cannot be found in success but it is the major cause of it.

The contemporary  meaning of happiness lies in worldly pursuits. we have made happiness a robotic gesture that we make on certain accomplishments but happiness, my friend is in the journey.

You must’ve been unhappy at some point of your life thinking that you are not as rich, as attractive looking or as powerful as others are. These ‘others’ can never live your life even if they want to. You can swap your problem with theirs and you’d be stunned to see how they are even living. So be kind to your life, it ain’t has anything except you.

Problems, we all have them but do you know that you get happiness because you have had problem. Just as you get peace after a war because without a war there’s no point of peace. we all try to get away from our problems. don’t we? not realizing that they’re the key factor we have happiness even if less often.

Now imagine a billionaire having everything you possibly can think of. Now imagine this, you’re starving and i’m the only person on earth who can give you food/water. if i demand a billion dollars from you, you’d give me because at that time food and water would mean the whole universe to you. After finishing the meal things aren’t the same. You regret giving that amount to me and you don’t want to even think about that food which was everything for you minutes ago.

Same is the case with that billionaire you imagined earlier. What happens to him is that he kills his hunger, hunger to do better, hunger to succeed and the rest of his life he’s a mere slave of his own wealth. You must’ve heard that money can’t buy happiness. Sure, it can. I mean who’d not be happy driving a bugatti veyron into his mansion. But one thing it can never buy is that hunger and that hunger right there is Everything!

Have you ever wondered why ALLAH made disables. HE’s no sadist! he made them so that you be content with your life and not question him!

It’s almost 3:00 am and the dog’s having a blast with his friends, partying i mean. The loser dog has fallen asleep and so should i. Be happy as long as you can!



30 thoughts on “How to be Happy!

  1. Happy is something in you heart, You find delight everywhere: a small flower along the sidewalk, a strange shape of cloud in the sky, a dog waggling it tail at you, a humming bird flew over, a baby smile at you…………. The world is full of happiness.
    I had a stroke 14 years ago. Even I have only one hand that works, I’m happy because it still working! Too slow? Never mind! I’m happy, because I don’t have to watch my time. Only one leg? Never mind! Wheelchair takes me every where! I’m happy our children all grown up. A simple minded person like me is always happy!

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  2. I don’t believe happiness is about things. The billionaire may think he feels happy, but I would argue that his heart is closed, his walls guarded, his mind rationalizing why he needs to hoard his billions, while outside his windows are those he refuses to help. He lives with a belief in scarcity – which is a manifestation of fear, not love. True happiness, I believe, comes from love, a fearless belief that love will provide.

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