A Game of Things

There are two ‘things’ in this thing called earth. Namely nothing and everything! Consequently we have nothing people and everything people.

The nothing people who seem to have nothing are the ones who have something that is better than anything even everything. The everything people, having everything still have nothing which has that something. They might have anything but that anything is not something in front of even nothing.

Nothing cannot loose anything but can gain something even everything. Everything can acquire anything but its everything increases by nothing.

If nothing is given anything, it gives back something that might be its everything. similarly if you give something to Everything, it’d not give you anything but nothing.

Nothing can be everything, if it is given the right something. It cannot be anything below nothing. Nothing has everything because it has that something with which it can become anything.

If you put anything in nothing, it changes to something. If the same something is added to everything, it cannot make anything which means that it is nothing. But Nothing as you know is Everything!

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10 thoughts on “A Game of Things

  1. You are very Wise….

    I pity sometimes those who appear to have ‘Everything’ .. For all their so called wealth.. they are still gathering to themselves in forms of acquiring ‘Things’ thinking it will fill them up with the needs they constantly strive for in their Desires to have Everything, they think their hearts will be satisfied…

    And yet they are still an empty shell, void of that which those who appear to have Nothing have an abundance of.. Which costs nothing at all… But which gives them everything…. 🙂 A heart… full of Love is Priceless, and no amounts of Anything can purchase it or bring satisfaction

    In Gratitude..

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