I heard somewhere that a good start is half the battle so whenever i sit down to write, i try to make a fancy start. Find some inappropriate words and inculcate them to show that i’m a literary genius, which i certainly am, the latter.No offence haha.Why would i do that. Sometimes you’ve to fake things if you’re an aspiring writer. This is me being truthful. What an irony of LIFE!

You got that right! this dialogue is all about existence, both animate and insensate.

‘Life is a drop of falling water’. That drop only exists while falling. It comes from water and becomes water but that exquisite moment it lives in between is Life.

Life is that brief and distinct assimilation or identification from the ultimate reality.

Mark Twain says “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”.

So life is not about coming to this place, it’s about making this place come to you. Finding the answer to that WHY. We are not here because we wanted to be here, we are here because someone let us loose! IT atomized  itself and we landed here.

We’re mere marionettes and our strings are in the hands of a puppeteer, the Marionettist. The unseen deity. Now when a pupperteer let go of the string, the puppets fall but our God gave us freedom so that we rise. life’s given to us so that we recognize ourselves just as a falling drop of water does!

Do you remember what you were like before coming to this place? nobody knows what awaits us. No denying that respective religions have gathered enough light but we shall only look to the logical and rational aspect that most people can agree to. we don’t remember anything because we never witnessed reality in the first place . That too because we were a part of it. Just as the drop never felt like a drop before falling.

Life would be much easier the day we’d stop looking for it on other planets and start looking for it in ourselves.

^perhaps it’d be much more cheaper!

Just like the drop of water we’re descending down towards our source and one day we’ll fall in it. This time we’re living or falling is our time to prove what we are as humans, we deserve heaven or a reward. The life of this world is a like a video game with one difference that we ‘d not have an extra life. so play carefully! this should be pretty rational even if you’re a atheist which you’re not as you’ve come this far.

Now let me ask you a question, if a computer gets consciousness which it will someday!, would you call it life?, if a robot gets all humane traits like it does in movies, would you call it life?  no, because you know they are made not born! there’s a subtle difference. A robot or a computer is made in this world and it’ll vanish with the earth but we are visitors to this place. The earth is foreign to me and when you feel that way the space ‘d become your own body.

The Earth is only a slight reflection in the cosmic dark! billions of planets and starts coexist, i strongly believe with life. Would it make a difference to the universe weather we live or die? we’re not the exempted race.How can we stray  in this eternal test.

I love exemplifying. The most pertinent i could find with a  human is of a flower as they both pass through similar stages of bud, bloom and eventually decay.  One thing in which the flower edge passes all of us is that from its very beginning till its ends, it continues to give its fragrance. it seems that a flower has sorted its purpose but i still am clueless . Maybe i too am here to give my fragrance , to make my presence felt, to tell the world that i was here!!!…….






105 thoughts on “WHAT IS LIFE?

  1. Hii Sir, I completely loved your post, your way of expression, your style of writing is really impressive. ☺
    The way you compared life to things like a falling water drop, or a video game! I really appreciate that! Keep writing! ☺☺

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      1. Haww! 😮😮
        Seriously? I’m 18! And I have no such maturity to think of things like you do! 😰 I’m stupid!
        Well, you write really well, you inspired me! Thank you for that. 😊
        I appreciate your thoughts!

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    1. Hey john, glad you asked! See the things is that our source trancends religions. We are never sure weather we are going to heaven or brahman. One thing we all should agree is that we are gonna meet someone, who made us, our reality. If you think like that religions are left far behind.:)

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      1. I see, I see. Well, that is why it is called faith. We cannot know (factually and scientifically). We can only believe. In my mind, that makes faith all the more powerful, that “uncertainty.”

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  2. Fawad, (if that is the correct way to address you.)

    First, thank you for following me. I really enjoyed your piece and the searching quality of your thought. Your drop of water analogy really worked for me. I count myself a spiritual person, believing we are the puppet, puppeteer, the strings and everything else known or unknown. I don’t believe in heaven or paradise, but in the whole, the ground of being. Like rain, I may fall distinctly, but this “I” is one with all the raindrops, the sky, clouds, ground and whatever else you might name, animate and insensate. As such, I may be drawn above, condensed into a new raindrop, to fall again.

    I hope you find your why. Don’t be discouraged if it takes longer than you hope. I discovered mine in my 50’s. Also, flowers are good analogy, but there are others. Here’s one of the ones I came up with:

    More or Less

    I am the taper, my gifts are my flame
    To light my way through utter darkness
    My reason to be, no thanks nor blame
    My light shines more, as I become less

    Phil JHarris

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