the fire in her eyes, burning

Like the veil of sin and shame,

Will never be draped over them,

By misfortunes and passion.

She departed from my sight,

And entered my thought,

The shine ran out but ignited a spark,

It melted me like winter,

Giving in to spring.

I fell in love with her genius,

The way she’d paint beauty with sorrows

Her boyish giggle,

It was rather beautiful, the way,

She put my insecurities to sleep,

The way she dove into my eyes,

And starved all the fears,

Tasted all the dreams she kept,

Coiled beneath my bones.

But… Tonight the stars bleed,

The darkest night you’d ever see,

She is the wide gaping void,

To my only need

My heart is littered with half baked phrases

And discarded fragments,

But I like the way it appears in the mirror of her eyes

She is the madness

For which i seek no cure…




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